Bed of broken promises (JCW)

Song Description

A man in love with a woman yet cant stop cheating yet she is cheating too, They both know of the other Yet still love each other very much and hope that the day will come that they stop the cheating and become a real husband and wife

Song Length 4:00 Genre Country - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Life, Sadness
Similar Artists Kenny Rogers, Tim Mcgraw Language English
Era 2000 and later


Listen Closely to what my heart is saying
Through all these games your playing
a bed of broken promises I lay here all alone
Believing this time you will keep your word
on what time your coming home
in this bed of broken promises made up with pretty lies
There is always so many questions Yet very few replies
Through the window I see you as your sneaking through the gate
Im sure You'll have a good excuse for why your home so late
I close my eyes pretending that I am fast asleep
So tired of hearing why your promise you couldnt keep
And my hearts reply
to the answer why
In this bed of broken promises she lies awake for me
In Hopes shes wrong for all her eyes have seen
She tells herself one day Im coming home for good
To be the husband and Man I should
But I know one day this promise will hold true
And I know that day I wake up she will too
And this promise she will take Oh this promise that I make
In this bed of broken promises made up with pretty lies
there is always so many questions yet very few relies
And once again you promise and promise not to break
As you lay in bed you lie in bed with each promise that you make
In this bed of broken promises made up with pretty lies...

Lyrics lillian stabile lisa mizrany Music John Chirstopher way
Producer John Christopher Way Publisher Tonie Lee's Ink
Performance John Christopher way
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