Love Is Life

Story Behind The Song

I had always liked this poem that I wrote, but could not put it to music. I had music that I could not put lyrics to. So, I decided to put them together and just recite the poem with the instrumental. This earned me a semi-finalist award in the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest

Song Description

Basically a recitation of a poem I wrote coupled with an instrumental

Song Length 2:36 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Other Language English


The sky is cloudy and gray
Happiness seems so far away
Yearning each night and day
When you're alone

The fighting of senseless fears
The shedding of countless tears
The passing of endless years
Searching for the reason you're alive

Then suddenly the sun begins to shine
A woman approaches, demure and kind
The sunlight beams from her eyes
You sigh

And the stars you give to her
Hopes and dreams that once were
Yours alone, but now hers
You smile

And the world smiles back at you
Pure-white clouds and sky of blue
Now you know what to do
You're alive

And clearly now it comes to you
Soft, fragrant hair and eyes of blue
You've found the secret it's true
Love is life

I wrote this poem on April 27, 1971

Lyrics Tom Watson Music Tom Watson
Performance Tom Watson

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