Lost in The Right Direction

Story Behind The Song

Believe in yourself and where you're headed

Song Description

Person hasn't quite found the right path in life yet. Trying not to listen to the outside voices, but always continuing to move forward. They maybe a little lost but it's in the right direction.

Song Length 2:57 Genre Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Determination
Language English Era 2000 and later


Lost in Right Direction
Tom Reardon, Palmer Lee

Sometimes I can't find my footing
But I take another step
I'm not sure where I'm going
I'll know it when I get there but, I'm not there yet
It's hard to see the forest
When I'm caught up in the trees
But I have faith in myself, cuz I know me well
Take it from me
A few bumps in the road, but I'm still on the path

I don't ever have to keep a road map
Or a GPS , just to know that
I'm headed towards some good things
Even if I'm there yet
I may have some imperfections
But I'm lost in the right direction

I know I made some wrong turns
And people put me down
All those voices in my head
Telling me to turn around
Some things I gotta find out
Out here on my own
No matter what they say
I gotta make this trip alone


I know where I'm headed
and I'm right where I need to be
I'll find what makes me happy
you'll see


Lyrics Tom Reardon and Palmer Lee Music Palmer Lee
Producer Palmer Lee Performance Palmer Lee
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