Living Proof

Song Length 4:05 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Modern


Staring at the page
As we drift in and out of rage
It's like nothing ever turns out right
It's like everything was born a fight
And sometimes it's just too much
And I run away

Holding sparks at bay
As the tide rolls away
But these waves come crashing back at me
As I pull my way back out to sea
I get tired of chasing numbers
Just to play

And I'm living proof
And you're living proof
That we can waste it all away
When there's nothing like today

There's a moment between
What never lasts and the final scene
And I wonder to myself again
Why some things have to break to bend
There's no meaning in these words
That I have to say

It's not enough to survive
Let's try to make what we can alive
Cause if life is only pain to me
And your love is bound in fantasy
Then we might as well be laughing

Lyrics Tom Glynn Music Tom Glynn
Producer Tom Glynn
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