Sydney's Boogie

Story Behind The Song

Sydney's "boogie" is a reference to his seedy ways of getting by in life.

Song Description

Cool Jazz. Great Sax & Guitar! Nice solos.

Song Length 4:53 Genre Jazz - Swing, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Annoyed Subject Crime, Theft, Frustration
Similar Artists Frank Sinatra, Manhattan Transfer Language English
Era 2000 and later


Words and Music by Timothy D. Sypolt

Sydney's Boogie

1st Verse: Oh Sydney you never knew much about reason.
How could he know? He didn't have a very big brain.
But yes he- Yes he would.
He never had a whole lot of revelations.
The more things changed
the more they seem to just stay the same.
But yes he- Yes he would.

Bridge: He'd learn his lesson but always do it the hard way.

2nd Verse: You know he always took his family for granted.
Well maybe 'cause he never had to fend on his own.
He always had a cushy home he did.
And makin' sure that all his honeys had money.
He's had it easy. I don't want to hear him a moanin'
and groanin' and complainin' no more.


3rd Verse: When you're forging names. Bouncing checks.
30, 40, 50, Hundred Thousand dollars in debt.
Expired drivers license. Unregistered car.
Won't run worth a damn. Ain't gonna go too far.
Lie and cheat. Steal from your friends.
Taking from your Daddy.
Never trying to make amends.
Only care about number one.
Bound and determined to have yourself some fun.

4th Verse: Now when the whole world
comes crashin' down around ya.
You never learned your lesson
now you're feeling the pain.
Yes you- Yes you would. You would.
Why must you always
keep on doing things the hard way.
Sydney your boogie sure makes for a very long day.
Well yes it- Oh yes it would.

Could-a had it easier.
Could-a tried to make it all work out.
Could-a had it easier. Sydney's boogie go away!

Lyrics Timothy D. Sypolt Music Timothy D. Sypolt
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