Thoughts Control

Story Behind The Song

I read a book by Fr. Jacque Phillipe. One quote impacted me as much as anything I've ever read. "All reasons that cause us to loose our sense of peace are bad reasons." This is in the context of what the author calls "living in the present" as a necessary condition to finding peace and interior freedom. Well, speaking for myself, most of the "reasons" that keep me from that interior freedom and living in the present, are rooted in the past or the future. The tendency to be constantly on my guard, with my head on a swivel, towards the past and the future, and "what if's" and "why did I do that" or "why did that happen" and "what if that happens" instead of just being...a human "be" the moment, not taking for granted all the blessings in the moment. Having faith in the future and why the past happened like it did. It's easier to breathe and smile and really invest yourself into those you love when you are confidently and bravely living in the present and controlling your thoughts. Sounds heavy. And it is.

Song Description

It's so easy to be living in the past or the future that the present can be totally ignored. We're either thinking about what has happened, or what we hope happens, or what we have to do,....instead of just living in the present. The present is really all we have. So, our happiness and peace and ability to communicate with those we truly care for is NOT rooted in where we have the tendency to spend most of our time (the past or future)...but in the present. So -- it's controling our thoughts (about past, present, and future) that really determines who we are and what we are. That Descartes was pretty sharp.

Song Length 2:36 Genre Rock - Easy Listening


We never know how far it is to happy

We never know how far it is
to pain

So we travel in armour
With one eye ahead and one to the rear

Thoughts control
Where we're heading
And how far away
Thoughts control
where we're ending anyway

We look into the eyes of our
our lovers

But not really looking at all

We're too damn lost in our own

You can't let yourself look

Until you give yourself away

Let it go
What you're thinking
And how far away
Let it go
And start living it
Right away

Lyrics TIm Cornell Music Tim Cornell

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