Make Me Understand

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song for a young 20 year old woman that I went to high school with. She was doing some recording and was looking for some songs to record. So, the subject matter I thought worked well for her. I never sent the song to her.

Song Description

The fun of trying to figure out if you are friends with someone or something more...

Song Length 3:28 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Endearing
Subject Falling in Love Language English
Era 2000 and later


The phone rings
I rush to answer
Its just a neighbor
down the street

I sit back down
I'm nervous waiting
For a call from you know who

Don't you remind me
I told you once before
We're just friends
I don't care what you say
We'll just hang out
That's all

Make me understand
For once
Why its so bad to be in love
I try to keep my distance
from him(her)
Just because you said
we're in love

The host leads
I gladly follow
And take my first breath
Because you're here

That smell is something
I'll never get over
It sticks around my head
for days

You told me she'd understand
If its just you and me
That's fine

I don't know why I should care?
I'm alone with other friends
All the time

Talk about it
I listen you
I hate to hear about it
Wouldn't you?
People say we're always in love

Lyrics Tim Cornell Music Tim Cornell
Performance Tim Cornell

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