You Just Amuse Me

Story Behind The Song

The song is a fast light hearted song that really has a deeper meaning. If you listen to the story line you will find out why marriages loose the spark of love. Why does your mate seem to change after you get married? Here is my reason why. Women react to relationships with feelings. It's up to the man to spark those feelings. The man ignites those feelings by continually romancing his wife. Men, we need to do what we did when we were dating! That way she feels "amused" not "abused"! Words was started first because I didn't have an instrument. Melody was created on the guitar. To about 3 weeks to write the song. The idea for the song came from my wife. We were visiting my mother-in-law on the 4th of July when I asked my wife for a cup of coffee. She replied, "You just use me and abuse me."

Song Description

If your wife changed after you married her, then romance her and you will find that she becomes the woman you married and you will amuse her.

Song Length 3:32 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delightful Subject Relationship
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw Language English
Era 2000 and later


You Just Use Me And Amuse Me
©2003 Michael Thomas

Verse 1
The other night when I came home, I asked my lovin' sweet honey
Could you bring me the remote, And a hot cup of coffee
Before you start dinner, Rub my feet and scratch my back
And later on tonight, Let's have fun in the sack.
Then she said... (to Chorus)

Chorus A
You just use me and abuse me
You just take my love for granted
Your attention is what I've wanted
You just use me and abuse me

Verse 2
I began to wonder why, My baby hangs around me
I give my hard earned money, To my lovin' sweet honey
The other night when she wanted, A little baby I was willin'
But last night when I wanted, she gave me no lovin'
Then she said ... (to Chorus)

Bridge (Talk)
I began to think, "What does a woman really want?"
You see, I didn't want to leave my love life up to chance
I figured out she wants something I used to giver her.
She wants to be ... romanced.
Now that's pretty simple, and not to complex 
And when she feels romanced, mmm honey ... she wants ... you know ... Lovin' 
(to Verse 3)

Verse 3
So tonight when I came home, I gave her all my attention
Said all the right words, And helped with the kitchen.
Let's take a moon light walk, Hold hands and share kisses
And later on tonight, Rubbin'-n-huggin' for the misses.
Then she said ... (to Chorus B)

Chorus B
You just use me and amuse me
You're so handsome and so fine
You can have me anytime
You just use me and amuse me

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