Twenty Years Of Valentines

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to do something special for our 20th Valentine of our marriage. I wanted to create a floral arrangement, buy a ring, and write a song about our 20th Valentine. My wife and I visited Whitehalls at the mall and picked out the ring. In the next 2 weeks I visited 5 floral shops before I decided what kind of floral arrangement to create. I visited 2 local flower shops and then Michael's, Garden Ridge, and Hobby Lobby. I ended up getting all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby. The song has 3 little stories that are real with a Bridge that describes the things I think have kept our marriage rich. On Valentines day I took my wife out to dinner, placed the floral arrangement & ring on the table, pulled out my classical guitar and sang this song. That night I was playing my original love ballads for the catered Valentine event. Hope you enjoy.

Song Description

This song describes my 20th Valentine with my wife. I made her a floral arrangement, bought her a ruby ring and sang this song to her over a romantic candle light dinner.

Song Length 3:13 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Loving Marriage
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw, Michael Bolton Language English
Era 2000 and later


Twenty Years Of Valentines
©2004 Michael Thomas

Verse 1
For the creative touch of love, I made a floral arrangement for you. 
I felt a little out of place, but I couldn't wait to see the surprise on your face.
It has mauve magnolia, and burgundy roses, cream grapes front center. 
Antique artichokes & apples with crackle berry sprays 
Placed in a Victorian glass vase filled with small river stones 
Baby, here's my personal touch for 20 years of Valentines. 
Verse 2 
For the elegant look of love, we went to Whitehalls at the mall 
Pearls, Sapphires and diamonds, rings, bracelets and pendants 
But I'll always remember the glow on your face as you held out your hand 
The desire in your eyes for an emerald cut ruby, 
Placed on a yellow gold band, nestled between round diamonds 
Baby, here's my sentimental touch for 20 years of Valentines. 
In the mirror of marriage, We feel reflections of romance 
We found purity in passion, 
And a freedom in faithfulness 
Living a life of true love. 
Verse 3 
For the romantic feel of love, tonight a candle light dinner for two. 
Soft live guitar music, playing love songs 
I'll always remember your red dress, the curves, the kiss 
Your graceful glance, and warm I want you embrace 
Placed in a night of memories, with romance in the air 
Baby, will you give me another 20 years of Valentines?

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