Love Bites

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to create a fun light-hearted song. The chorus seemed catchy enough that I wanted to start the song with the chorus. I also varied from the norm by starting the verses on the 4th chord. The 3 main things that seemed to attract a woman's attention is the butt, eyes, smile and of course a person's personality (in that order). I hope the melody is infectious. Wrote the song in about 2 hours on the Guitar. I had the title in mind for about 2 months. Created the melody and chorus together on the guitar while at my sister-in-laws house during our Christmas vacation.

Song Description

The love bug bites by a woman's attraction to a man's butt, eyes, smile and most of all his personality.

Song Length 2:17 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful Subject Relationship
Similar Artists Brooks & Dunn Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love Bites
©2003 Michael Thomas

Love bites, a-huh, you know it does
Love bites, a-huh, you know it does
Hang around long enough and you will say
Love bit me, a-huh, I know it did
Love bit me, a-huh, I know it did

Verse 1
Your eyes give me butterflies 
Now I'm fluttering in love 

Verse 2
Your smile drives me wild 
Now I'm reckless in love

Verse 3
Your tush done pushed me over the edge. 
Now I'm falling in love. 

The most important thing to me
Is your personality

Love bites

Lyrics Michael Thomas Music Michael Thomas
Publisher Michael Thomas Performance Michael Thomas
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