I Remember Love

Story Behind The Song

If asked to describe love, it would be hard to put into words. That's the experience I had when I was trying to interview people on the top of "What is Love?". However, it's easier to remember when you felt love. It's that feeling in my heart, that special memory. Those memories keep coming back to me. I Remember Love and Love remembers me! I collected my thoughts over 2 weeks. I wrote the song over 2 days. The melody was created on the piano. This song originally was going to be called "That's What Love Is". As I did my research for the song, I realized it's easier to remember the feelings of love than to explain what love is.

Song Description

I remember love and love remembers me. I remember special moments when my parents showed their love towards me. I remember when I popped the question to my wife and when we had our first child. Love never gets bored when I come back for more.

Song Length 2:58 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted Subject Relationship
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Remember Love
©2003 Michael Thomas

Verse 1 
I remember when, my daddy pitched his fast ball
I felt like Babe Ruth, when I saw the proud look in Dad's eyes
I remember when, on prom night Cindy stood me up
Mom's golden hugs, made everything alright

I remember Love, and Love remembers me
It's that feeling in my heart, that special memory,
It's a smile in time of joy, a hug in time of need,
I remember Love, and Love remembers me

Verse 2 
I remember when, I knelt down on bended knee
I popped the question, she said yes, we shared kisses.
I remember when, I first held my baby boy
His little feet and fingers, filled all my senses

Love, she is kind, Love, she is mine
Love, never get's bored, when I come back for more

Lyrics Michael Thomas Music Michael Thomas
Producer Michael Thomas Performance Michael Thomas
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