Behold your God

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Song Description

Although God is infinite and beyond our complete ability to comprehend with our finite mind He is still compassionate and intimately involved with people

Song Length 5:10 Genre Pop - Religious, Rock - Modern
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Quiet, Peaceful Subject God, Justice
Similar Artists Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel Language English
Era 2000 and later


Paint a picture put it in your site
carve it out of rock and put it under light
touch it feel it see it you need to know
that your God is really in control.

Immeasurable by any means
maker of the beginning and end and all that is between
He's worthy of all ceaseless praise
You have come to the throne of the ancient of days
He knows the hairs of your head
He sees the sparrow when it falls
He gives you your daily bread
Behold your God Behold your God

He holds our lives in the palm of his hand
He sees all the worlds like little grains of sand
He's holy, righteous, just and He is true
Yes He shed the blood of His Son for you and me

(chorus, same as 1st)

The Clouds are the dust of his feet
The Clouds are the dust of his feet

I like this song. Great vocals; I love the lyrics describing the character of God; I like that we are exhorted to behold our God! The guitar is awesome!

Very peaceful and melodic song, and the words are lovely!

Production is good with great guitar work, well done!

The singer has a good quality voice.

Lyrics Brian Anderson Music Brian Anderson
Producer Brian Anderson Publisher n/a
Performance Brian Anderson Label n/a

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