Hedley's Medley

Story Behind The Song

These three songs were written separately over a period of about one month. I had no intention initially of combining them. However, since they were all relatively short, in the same tuning (Open G), and complemented each other musically and lyrically, I joined them a la The Beatles Abbey Road medley.

Song Description

1. The Cookie Monster's Lair 2. Chartreuse 3. I'm Gone

Song Length 6:53 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later



Dreams are built for those who use them
Why waste something good on a tool?
Fools are born each day we lose them
Why waste time wishing it weren't true

Thorny crowns
Hellish hounds
Choose your poison, but don't spread it 'round
The Cookie Monster's Lair,
Where chocolate is king
The Queen's not having so much fun
There's something heavy on her wings
Freedom is a gift to bear
Sanity, not a care
In the Cookie Monster's Lair


Of all the colors living on this crazy rainbow,
Only one gets me singing like a child would
Don't know why it turns me on,
My tied-tongue loose
I can feel it now...

If you see the sunshine crawling up and down my spine,
Know that I won't blame you if you say you are no longer mine

In my world you flow upstream
Any love that's true has no seam
So, I ask you please, help me dream
We have paid our dues...


Long ago, I chose a hue
It was you...


When I was a child, the files in my heart were clear
Easy come, easy go, no one runs away from there
With each year, I grew a deeper shade of blue
Now, through your eyes, I hope to lighten up that hue

Paint me a brighter room
Anything but black and blue
If you can find a love more true,
I'm gone

Now that the years have passed me by, I find myself digging Peggy Lee
Freedom is a lonely word when it's only you and me
I don't seem to care, but you know I really do
I can break it down once more before this day is through

Paint me in a brighter light
Something loud to open my eyes
If you can find a more devoted prize,
I'm gone

Wow, cool stuff man! Really groovy!

Lyrics Monteleone Music Monteleone
Producer Monteleone/Machin Performance Monteleone/Machin

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