Want You Tonight

Song Length 4:31 Genre Blues - Rock, Jazz - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


We both have our insecurities,
That's why I will leave the keys,
In the same place they were before,

Here I am saying baby please,
I hope that you would be the thief,
That was trying to break down my door,

And I see you in the back of my mind,
About the time I'm doing fine,
Is when you decide to show your face,

After a few drinks and due time,
You'll be replaced by some salt and a lime,
But nothing could get rid of that taste.

Because I want you tonight,

So you want to know how I feel,
But some things you should just conceal,

Cause it's all self-inflicted pain,
By now I might as well be a pro at the game,

See I don't know how you get shit confused,
We got on the same damn pair of shoes,
Running the same race we're about to lose,

And I sent you a text from the bar,
If I could only find my keys id be in my car,
And I would be headin on over to you,

Because I want you tonight

Lyrics Nic Mason Music The Rotation
Producer Brian Daly Performance The Rotation
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