The Bottom (Clean)

Story Behind The Song

Finch takes a shot at Mac Miller in the beginning of the song because he feels he is better than him. Throughout the rest of the song Finch is talking about daily struggles and two people that did him wrong during those times. It is a song that is very energetic and aggressive. People deceived him and he expresses what happened and how he felt about it.

Song Description

This song is actually a very true story from the artist Finch. Talking about people who did him wrong when he was trying to survive. Very energetic, emotional, and aggressive track!

Song Length 4:08 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Mad, Vicious
Subject Lies, Power Similar Artists Eminem, 2 Chainz
Language English Era 2000 and later


Im a whiteboy but a different breed, Mac Miller aint got shit on me!
I got the keys da keys da keys, I open the door your bitch on her knees,
killing these beats it a murda scene, giving you shit neva heard or seen,
LR in the A and he waiting on me, I feed off the lames keep hating on me,
We gassed up you riding on E, you pumping the brakes I speed on the street,
Im loyal as fuck you spit on the streets, gave you a shot its money in trees,
knowing you not who you claiming to be, Went to ya house you hiding from me,
talked to ya sister she hollaed at me, curved her again now she followin me,
not trying to fuck her she bothering me, but if I did she swallowing me,
enough of that shit it's back to the money, payday is coming it's beatin and drumming,
I aim for the top you eat off the bottom, your dirty ass ways was part of the problem,
Im bout to blow up so cover your noggin, Ali in the game I swing and I drop em,
You seen me in action so thats why you missin, holding me back said I was go kill em,
I put em to sleep and gave him a pillow, day you met me couldn't have been any realer,
I was loyal you could trust me, Threw you one and you fucked me, So it's fuck you heres your name in a track bitch

Jay I swear you pussy, you cut your phone off and ducked me,
you knew it was a deadline on that money and you acted like it was nothing,
Vee yeah you just like em, that song voices was bout ya,
Had the whole city fucking wit it and to this day I still want fight ya,
Done dug my way outta couple holes cause you can't eat on that bottom,
Met a couple real ones on the way of this stressful road that I travel,
Never had a team and the only thing that followed me was my shadow,
and even he would get missing every time I turned back to look at em,
My sons mother grew up thuggin she like damn FINCH get at em,
Whoop they ass and drag em, take the money under the mattress,
They sitting back and they laughing, It's shit like this can't happen
get clayboi and attack em , but shit im scared that we go hurt him,
don't need a gun I wont burn em, these hands is all thats go turn em,
but i stay out a trouble, and stay in my lane, dis music all im concerned with,
getting money making em sick, not trying to be on no dumb shit,
throw my life away have the man tell me to bend over and cough, SHIT!

Lyrics Stephen Finch, Trenton Butts Producer Barope Dixon
Label Clock Out Entertainment
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