You Can Pretend

Song Length 3:48 Genre Unique - General


?You Can Pretend?

©2004 Daniel Work 503 - 344 - 4318

I walked along an Oregon trail
Out on the ocean, hoped to see a whale

As the currents of the sea
swirl around, confused like me

Back home I?ve gotten so tired of
not living, in a place, that I love

You can pretend
But eventually

You?ll be yourself
It?s the reality

I won?t pretend
To be somebody else

I?m lovin? Life
Being true to myself

I work all day no end in sight
Damn phone keeps ringing lost my appetite

and my computer keeps crashing
We?re full of fragmented memories

My bodies present each and everyday
But I dream of time just to play


The true reflection I see, Is my beautiful family
They kept an eye out on me, which set my soul free


Wow, this is really a good song! I like it very much!

What I could hear of the lyrics I liked very much, it is clever and the singing voice is very pleasing. The voice has to fight with the music to be heard, and the instruments win, there are more of them and they are louder. The drum, is especially loud and enthusiastic.

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