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Story Behind The Song

A marriage fails by a wife leaving her husband, told through the pain caused, until after surviving and not killing himself, he falls in love at first site. The journey continues

Song Description

Marriage breaks up, husband left by wife; sad beyond belief until he meet a new love, a love at first site. Yep, it really does happen, don't ever give up; and the sun really does come up again, and even out sometimes.

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Composed, Joyful Subject Heartbreak, Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Marc Cohn, Diamond Rio Language English
Era 2000 and later


When I was 35,
she left our house fill with empty rooms
Sat on the cold wood floor,
all alone but the howl of my voice.
Turned off all the lights,
slowly took her ring off my hand.
I didn't believe in love anymore,
the timing was off, love walked out the door.
Then you walked in...
Could it Be.

Nice harmonies, really nice job with the arranging. Second verse much easier to hear the vocal, missed some of the lyric in the first verse. Very well recorded, every piece has it's place. The bass is very well done. Nice tones in the guitars and the piano work around 3:35. You should be very proud of this work, an inspiration to other writers.

The song had a good feel too it. Almost an "Old Country" kind of feel to it, which was actually kind of refreshing to listen to. The arrangement, production, instrumentation, and vocals were all good, giving it almost a 70's kind of feel. It was a good song to listen to.

Lyrics Daniel Work Music Daniel Work
Producer Daniel Work Publisher SmileyNote Studios, inc.
Performance The Noted Label SmileyNote Studios, inc
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