The Joke

Story Behind The Song

Heartbreak & Anger are translated into Country & Metal.

Song Description

Breakup song with a twist; the storyteller can't get passed the "anger" stage which is translated into the dynamics of the song.

Song Length 3:08 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Outraged Subject Lost Love, Jealousy
Similar Artists Wilco, AC/DC Language English
Era 2000 and later



verse 1
How can I miss you
When there is no time
I want to forget you
And start over

You tried to hurt me
But I?m doing fine
I?m big enough
To wish you well, girl

pre-chorus 1
So when I see you
And that guy
There?s no need for a long goodbye
You have your life
Like I have mine

chorus 1
And it?s a joke

verse 2
How can you see him
When it?s only been days
Since you told me
It was over

How can you kiss him
Invite him to stay
In your newly found

pre-chorus 2
But I?ve got to know
Just how long
Has this been going on
I?ve got a right
To know

?Cause it?s a joke
Yes it?s a joke
But I?m not laughing
At all


verse 3
How can I miss you
When there is no time
You want to forget me
And start over

I want to hurt you
But I don?t know how
I guess I never
Really knew you

pre-chorus 3
But you?ve got to know
Just how long
The pain inside me grows
And I?ve got a right
To know

chorus 3
If it?s a joke

Lyrics Martijn Stienstra Music Martijn Stienstra
Producer Martijn Stienstra Performance Lead Vocals: Martijn Stienstra, Electric Guitar: Bram Buschman, Tremolo Guitar: Ivo de Ruijter, Acoustic Guitar: Hans van der Velden, Bass: Arto Boyadjian, Drums: Chris McHugh

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