69 Cadillac

Song Length 4:22 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


I just pulled her out of the garage
She's been all winter long
My sheepskin washing her down
In the front lawn
I got some chores to run
I got to have fun
Make some money
Bring along my shotgun

Driving down to the marina
By the pool hall
I got some business to do
With Joey Randall
Said my boss, Ol' Joey
He ain't useful
Get my money
Or his head for collateral

I got a body in the back
Of my 69 Cadillac

I see two chicks
As I'm cruising down pine street
Not too far from the clubhouse
Where the boys meet
Hey little girlie
You want to see what's in the back
Of my lovely shiny black Cadillac

After I take Joey down
To the bosses place
Who said, "Get this son of a bitch
Out of my damn face"
I drop Joey off
At the bottom of the land fill
I say, "Don't you go nowhere
You just keep still"

Heading down Fifth Avenue
It's about 3am
I see some of Joey's gang
Think they know who I am
They're walking out of Josey's Diner
By the pet store
I aim with my shiny chrome grill
I put the pedal to the floor

I get three of them at once
The fourth is starting to run
But that's not a problem
Cuz I still got my shotgun
I speed out of that scene
I got them real good
Now with my sheepskin I'm cleaning
Their guts out of my hood

Lyrics Ken Fitzsimmons Music Ken Fitzsimmons
Producer Mark Whitcomb and The Kissers Publisher Skeptic Rock Records
Performance The Kissers
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