Send Me A Sign

Song Description

A fun, shoulder moving tune about the early stages of searching for love.

Song Length 3:04 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing, Joyful Subject Fun, Searching for Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Send Me A Sign
by The Jinxes

Toss and turn in the middle of the night
roll to the left, roll to the right
you're not mine so I hope its no sin
to let my mind go wanderin'

Do you wonder?
why all my time is spent with you?
I just might be deaf and blind
cuz I haven't got a clue

Send me a sign
if you'll be mine

It was so easy when we were young
spin the bottle and have some fun
Was that a wink or just dust in your eye
start of a laugh - hint of a cry?

I just wonder
'bout all the time ya spend with me
Laughing and crying, contemplating destiny

Send me a sign
if you'll be mine
if you'll be mine

Well we danced on the beach where porpoises played
The sun was warm i wish we could have stayed
drift out on the very next wave
to say "so long", say "so long" (x2)
to the real world
to the real world

Sooner or later... our eyes will meet
I just might stutter, trip over my feet
I don't know what possible words i might say
if you'll go or if you'll stay

But in the moment
I trust i'll know just what to do
if you're the one for me
I know you'll know it too

I'll send you a sign
Please be mine
I'll send you a sign
Please be mine

Copyright 2012 Kevin Smith & Deanna Ross


Indie folk-pop duo The Jinxes is a collaboration between Monterey Bay Area singer/songwriters Kevin Smith and Deanna Ross. Inspired by the creative process and each other, The Jinxes explore upbeat, harmony-rich terrain in their co-written work.

Originally from upstate New York, Smith brings two decades of songwriting and a clean pop guitar sound to The Jinxes, while Ross, a native Californian, lends her distinctive vocals and lyrics. Their musical influences include The Weepies, Girlyman, David Gray, Tina Malia and The Indigo Girls.

When not playing music, The Jinxes can often be found puttering in the kitchen (or packing school lunches), sweating in a dance studio, or exploring other artists' work. To learn more about The Jinxes, go to:

Lyrics Kevin Smith and Deanna Ross Music Kevin Smith and Deanna Ross
Producer Andy Zenczak and The Jinxes Performance The Jinxes
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