Table for Two

Story Behind The Song

Lost a girlfriend, wrote the song for her, got the girlfriend back.......broke up again later, had no guitar, hence no song, hence no girlfriend.

Song Description

The 'I want you back REALLY REALLY BAD' song.

Song Length 4:36 Genre Pop - Rock, Folk - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Subject Lost Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


I've waited all night for you, at a table set for two.
Wishing you only knew the way I feel about you.
And as I walked away hearing passing people say,
Try and get it off your mind, all you need is time.

But no no no no
I love you. I'm always thinking of your face,
And I always...... Take it all someday, take it all someday.

Verse 2:
I go through my routine, not knowing how long it's been
Since we walked hand in hand, I need you to understand

I believe that all this is so real
And I can only feel you
It's like I'm holding you still
It's like I'm holding you still.

Lyrics Tim Stone Music Tim Stone
Producer Tim Stone Performance Tim Stone and RJ Williams
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