Walking Out

Song Description

A rock song reminiscent of the early Eagles and Tom petty . A song about heartbreak but with an upbeat tempo .

Song Length 4:21 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Affable, Heartbreaking
Subject Heartbreak Similar Artists The Eagles, Tom Petty
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


Walking out

Maybe you didin't love her enough
maybe you loved her too much
maybe you let yourself go
maybe you lost your touch
she confused says
she doesn't love you anymore
and you're not amused
find yourself walking out the door
Walking out , walking out

you want to get mad, you want to shout
break some glass
get the anger out
you want to pick a fight
crack some heads doesn't matter
whos wrong or right
all you want to do is get back
get back your pride
walking out

theres no manual for this
they didn't teach it in school
what chapter is this
written in the book of fools

now it's time to lay down the law
make yourself known
and it cuts you down the middle
where the roots had grown
she says shes not ready
doesn't want to leave
so you hold it steady
you want to believe
Walking out , walking out

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