Uppers and Downers

Story Behind The Song

Matt came in with verse on chorus riff on the bass and we all immediately took to it and came out very quickly. We pretty much had structured the song within 30mins before Andy arrived to rehearsal. Mike's had lyrics pretty much in that timeframe. Mark and I worked on cutting the verses into two parts two create a dynamic plus pick the second part of the verses up. We have a recording when Andy walked in, heard it and said that's a single. Then he added his textures and he was also was keen on some structure ideas post the studio recording to compact the song in length which worked. The bridge part, is just drums and Mike's guitar, then Parko (producer) ran it through a bit crusher (think that's what it's called) to give it that effect. The current live version starts more mellow which seems to work live. It was well received.

Song Description

It is written from the perspective of someone experiencing or suffering from paranoia and anxiety. It also touches on the cycle hence the repetitive 'over and over' lines that placed as a hypnotic effect. It can relate to someone suffering from paranoia and anxiety as a result of mental health issues or as a result of substance abuse, or maybe even both. The contrast of the bouncing verses with the dark lyrics gives it a endearing quality. *The Disappointed own both the masters and copyright for their songs.

Song Length 3:10 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing, Tense Subject Frustration, Suspicion
Similar Artists The Killers, Franz Ferdinand Language English
Era 2000 and later



My dreams and clich├ęs
My dreams are selfish
My brain is hellish
My brain is a mess

The ferral past so vague and so vast
But it's the future that haunts me now
I look good on paper x 2
And I really that would be enough
I look good on paper x 2
Now that just seems obsolete

Chorus 1:

Why does my skin crawl
When someone looks at my eyes
That's all the same problems

Verse 2:

Talking talking semantics again
Arguments, words bend
You're not moving, stuck to the floor
I'm not even here any more
Why is now coming down
I get all the weird peace and racing hearts
If I end up getting anymore distant
Pretty soon I won't be anywhere at all

Chorus 2:

Why does my skin crawl
When someone looks at my eyes
That's all the same problems


Over and Over (repeat)

I get quantum x 2
I get circuit heart

Verse 3:

If I keep on chasing all the uppers with downers, all the downers with uppers my heart will give in x 4

Chorus 3:

Why does my skin crawl
When someone looks at my eyes
That's all the same problems (repeat)
(over and over repeat)

Lyrics Michael Strong Music The Disappointed
Producer Dave Parkin Publisher N/A
Performance N/A Label Independent release

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