Song Length 3:14 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Similar Artists Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor Language English


how'd I become so much like a lion?
weren't I sweet like pollen when you first came?
why would leave me here like a tyrant?
& how did I forget how to pray
say it ain't so

why do you beg the stone for the water?
once it breaks for water, won't you beg for wine?
did you or did you not find me human?
& which one of us gets to lead the blind

oh how you howled
the day that the rain came
grain of sugar, grain of sand
behold the boat inside your hand

how could I be as tired as a pirate?
& who makes the call of what's true or false?
did I or did I not spike the dance punch?
didn't the girls fall over to that lulling waltz
what a show

why would you wake the sleeping giant?
& when did you plant that trojan horse?
how deep in my brain did you need to ride it?
& baby ain't you afraid of the gale force winds
a comin' in

so will you or will you not drop the charges?
cause didn't you call me your stolen plum?
since when did the storm dance in like a death march?
how long's it been since i've seen the sun of your face

oh how you howled
the day that the rain came
grain of sugar, grain of sand
behold the boat inside your hand

when did you end up crying at a rest stop?
will the weight of your head in your hands subside?
is this or is it not what you wanted?
can't you see all the diamonds behind the desert sky?
baby, try
baby, try

Lyrics Anna Vogelzang Music Anna Vogelzang
Producer Anna Vogelzang Publisher Cant D'Ocell Music ASCAP
Performance Anna Vogelzang, Shane Leonard, Ben Willis, Patrick Reinholz Label Paper Anchor Music
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