Tomorrow Today

Song Length 3:31 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


I remember my Mom and Dad
And all the fights they used to have
One day he slammed the door and never came back
Here we are in that same old hell
The same old tears, the same old yells
We gotta stop this train from rolling down that track

It?s impossible to change yesterday
And it?s improbable we?ll heal all the pain
We can?t stop the rain or turn the tides away
But I believe we can change tomorrow today

Let's stop right here start right now
Sweep the anger off the ground
I can?t watch another teardrop hit the floor
Cause I know I that I still love you
And know you feel the same way too
I don?t want to see you leave and slam that door


No rearview mirrors, just follow the signs
Leave all the history behind?


Lyrics Terri Brinegar, Len Scott Music Terri Brinegar, Len Scott
Producer Danny Muhammed Performance Terri Brinegar
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