Song Length 4:53 Genre R & B - Soul, R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Language English


Ashtray full of cigarettes
The clock says three a.m.
Those four walls keep staring down
You?re missing him again

You gave up living when he closed that door
You spend every night alone
Without him the roof, the hall, the furniture
Just don?t feel like home

But home?s where the heart is
Home?s all around you
Home is everywhere you want it to be

Home?s in the kitchen
The bath, the bedroom
It?s everywhere and in your soul
So you can find the place called home

When loneliness moved in this place
Your tears washed the floor
And the person that you used to be
You don?t know anymore

It?s not too late for a second chance
Your life deserves to live
It?s not what you take from the world outside
But what you give


Your coffee?s cold
And you?re growing old
But there?s still a hope in your soul to find


Lyrics Terri Brinegar Music Terri Brinegar
Producer Danny Muhammed
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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