Here and Now

Song Length 3:15 Genre R & B - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


When will my heart not feel all this pain
When will my eyes stop crying like rain
Cause I?m tired of trying to figure out what went wrong
My friends are tired of calling, I won?t pick up the phone
I keep the curtains drawn so they won?t know I?m at home
All I want is you, here and now

Love is a flower, it needs time to bloom
(I want you here and now)
Love needs to breathe, stand back, give it some room
(I want you here and now)

Now that it?s over and all?s said and done
I see my mistake, I tried too hard for your love
I didn?t give you time to let your feelings grow
You were just scared, you even told me so
I pushed you away, but I can?t let you go
All I want is you, here and now


I can?t stand the pain of knowing I did you wrong
And now I wonder if it?s too late, if you?ll take me back
Or if you?re gone, gone, gone


Lyrics Terri Brinegar Music Terri Brinegar
Performance Terri Brinegar
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