Forever Blue

Song Description

Sadness over lost love. Driven to drink.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Pop - Rock
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Sadness, Lost Love
Similar Artists Phoebe Snow, Adele Language English
Era 2000 and later



words and music by
Ted Myers

Here's to better days, here's to something new tomorrow
Love will find a way to come back after all this sorrow
But until it does, don't know what I'm gonna do
Forever blue, ooh, darlin'

Cast about for rhymes, but life, it doesn't always do it
Once upon a time I thought there was a pattern to it
Now the days go on, nothin' that I wanna do
Forever blue, ooh darlin' you
Forever blue


All our days, our golden days, all are gone forever
All our nights, ah, heavenly nights, all are gone forever

Sip a little wine, sip a little liquid kindness
Try to pass the time where everyone is just as mindless
Hollywood and Vine, my God, what am I coming to?
Forever blue, ooh darlin' you
Forever blue

© 2011 Moondial Music. All Rights Reserved.

Very nice, mellow, smooth.

Love your voice - real smooth tone and sentiment in there. listening to a pro compared to an amateur.......

while not in the habit of churning out all Top Five rankings for a track or artist in this review system, have to admit I am more than happy to recognize just how strong this track, performance and production truly is.

unique and fresh is the best I can offer other than encouraging all others to give this wonderful production a sincere listen. CHEERS!

It was strange but I think would work well for the right situation...

Nice presentation here! Well produced! I could definitely here "everything" clearly and distinctive! Lead and backing vocals were great! The accompaniments and rhythm section was hitting on all cylinders! Excellent job!

soulful voice!!! nice tune, good recording

What can I say???? Great Song.

Nicely done......jazz blues tune. Great instrumentation at the right times. Sax was great.
Well balanced production too.

Nice song, great arrangement

Nice tune!! I'd love to hear more from this artist. Great arrangement. I love how it builds. The background vocals and sax adds a very nice touch. The lead vocal is excellent. Nice bass riffs. The recording is very clean. Nice mix except for my comment below about the bass.

Lyrics Ted Myers Music Ted Myers
Producer Ted Myers & Herb Quick Publisher Moondial Music (BMI)
Performance Ted Myers Label Nervous Wreckords

Forever Blue

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