Every Little Once In A While

Song Description

Remembering lost love.

Song Length 4:14 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Quiet Subject Lost Love, Sadness
Language English Era 2000 and later



Words & Music by
Ted Myers

Every little once in a while
I get that feelin'
That sends my mind reelin'
Back to yesterday's smiles

And every little now and again
You know I get to thinkin' of you
Thinkin' of the way I loved you
I wanna feel that way again

I wanna flow through endless skies
Ohhh, you know sometimes I wanna die
I've got your eyes inside my brain
Ohhh, you know I think I'll go insane

Every little once in a while
You come and find me
Just to remind me
That I need your love to smile

And every little now and again
You know I think I really see you
You know I think I really need you
Need you 'til the end

Nice, laid back track with soul. Great vocals

Nicely done....enjoyed it.....No

A great song. It kept my attention & well delivered. Beautiful lyrics, great instrumentation & heart-felt.

Enjoyed the song overall. Thought it was well played and well sung and a pleasant listen. The recording and playing seems quite tight.

Unfortunately the player only let me listen to 2/3 of the song.

Nice clear crisp recording. I ca imagine this in a movie sound track. Nice mellow tune and dreamy sounding. Keep up the good work!

Sets a great mood.

Great dramatic intro. Dreamy sound. Lovely chord structure. Nice change of sound at 1.16. The vocal suits the song very well and a compelling vocal performance.

Great atmosphere and arrangement. Excellent chord changes and use of percussion.

Nice vocals, especially when the singer goes all "soulful" which comes as a nice surprise. The melody and arrangement reminds me of some of the Beach Boys post Pet Sounds work and also Harry Nilsson and even George Harrison. I could happily listen to this again and again!

very emotional, good mood, i can feel the song you hit the soul ;)

Love the instrumentation and chord progressions. It accompanies the vocals and mood well.

Great music and song subject! Really enjoyed the song!

WOW great sounding production right away, nice acoustic guitars. Nice when the drum loop and electric guitar enters. Good sense of sounds and rhythm. Reminiscent of Roger Waters. Nice background vocal pallets and this reminds me of "Ten CC" or "ELO".

Lyrics Ted Myers Music Ted Myers
Producer Ted Myers & Herb Quick Publisher Moondial Music (BMI)
Performance Ted Myers Label Nervous Wreckords

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