Drawn To The Flame

Song Description

He knows he's being lured to his destruction, but he doesn't care. In the end he turns the tables on her.

Song Length 4:31 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Heart Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



Words & Music by Ted Myers

1. I see the wheels are turning
Inside your pretty head
I think I see what you want from me
You need your ego fed
Well, I know you'll never love me
And I know you're gonna cause me pain
But like a moth or a fool in love
I've been drawn to the flame
Your sweet flame

2. If everything's a lesson
In life for us to learn
I think I'm gonna get the one that goes
"Play with fire and you'll get burned"
But my knowledge cannot save me
My heart overrules my brain
And like a moth or a fool in love
I've been drawn to the flame
Your sweet flame

You're self involved, to say the least
You can't stop talkin' 'bout you
But baby you're not as heavy as you think
So don't take me for a fool

3. 'Cause there's a tiny entrance
Into your stony heart
And I just might slip inside and see
What trouble I can start
Well, I just might start a fire
And then we'll be the same
Just like two moths or two fools in love
We'll be drawn to the flame
Love's sweet flame


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Lyrics Ted Myers Music Ted Myers
Producer Ted Myers Publisher Moondial Music (BMI)
Performance Incognito Label N/A

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