A Flock of Moments

Song Description

Sending love over a great distance. Saying farewell lovingly.

Song Length 4:37 Genre Folk - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Still, Poignant Subject Spirituality, Long
Language English Era 2000 and later



words and music by
Ted Myers

My hands across the darkness face
A flock of moments from me to you
I'll hold your soul for all my days
And I'll go the ways you tought me to

Now is just a time
And here is but a place
The only other face belongs to me
And this is just a rhyme
That fills a space
Like the space you filled for me

We reach out and we touch ourselves
There's no begining or end to us
We never held so much ourselves
Until we each turned into us

(Repeat Chorus, Instr.)

A wordless touch's enough to say
A greater power is holding us
There's nothing you or I can say
To stay the stream that flows in us

(Repeat Chorus, 1st Verse)

© 2011 Moondial Music (BMI. All rights reserved.

Good song writing and good vocals.and i love the guitar playing as well good job.

Enjoyable song. Nice progression, Nice melody.

nice ballad. a mix of acoustic guitars and strings.
good laid back style as the song floats and moves , nice to listen to. has a real sounding quality to it.

I really liked the guitar parts leading into the orchestral arrangement -
I wanted to hear more of that. And the movement of the bass was excellent - it seemed to be moving toward something special to come.
But then it ended without delivering that special place. Instead there was a bombastic orchestral
stringy thing that I felt was drowning out the sensitivity of the vocal. Next time it came around I was equally impressed and it led to a nice guitar motif. Nice guitar work. Was the song originally written on guitar? Seemed like it.

A really beautiful song. Lovely melody. Top-notch guitar work somewhat reminiscent of David Crosby or Joni Mitchell. The vocal sells the song really well. Some nice subtle bass work which really adds to the song.

Beautiful guitar - I felt like I was right there. Very clear recording. Instrumental part - I love how you build it here - the tension, the volume...great work. "A greater power is holding us" what a great line.

This is a really good song. Well written and performed. Truly enjoyed listening to this atrist. Nice arrangement and very well recorded. The vocalist has a very distinctive sound.

I like the overall sound ....song has some interesting qualities...I like it.

It Sounds like the Beatles, which is a good thing, because not too much

voice has a familar tone and sound which plays well for the listener trying to place it but I like the whole concept

A really cool song with great instrumentation, great vocals and an interesting melody.

This has a Beatles influence to me.(My Life)Very pretty tune.

Really nice and full acoustic tones! Nice chord changes and effective use of strings to bring out the mellowness of the tune.

Lyrics Ted Myers Music Ted Myers
Producer Ted Myers & Herb Quick Publisher Moondial Music (BMI)
Performance Ted Myers Label Nervous Wreckords
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