Its not me

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Song Length 2:32 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Other Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Its Not Me


I ain?t Eminem, but one day I?ll sell records like him.
I ain?t Vanilla Ice, I put that on my life man
I not Pete Nice, MC Search or Mike D
MCA, or AD Roc from the Beasties.
I not Slug, Milkbone or Bubba Sparks.
I ain?t EL-P, Stagga Lee, or Aesop Rock.
And I?ve been doing this here since I was ten years old.
So please tell them who I am.

Verse I

I thought I start off by saying who I wasn?t.
Who I?m never gonna be and now I got you buggin?
And ain?t is somethin? how people be hella dumbin?
Like ?yo bro you sounds Slim Shaddy.?
Quit Fronting.
Is it cause I?m white, or cause I?m tight you say that?
Like ten years ago it was Vanilla Ice Baby.
I guess I?m moving up in the world, It?s all gravy.
And now I an in the club and I?m getting with your lady, Jihan.
What can I tell you, been living in Minneapolis.
I?m from Reading, Pennsy, that?s known as the murder capital.
Rhymes are unassuming and soothing, until they tackle you.
And since 8 mile, everybody wants to battle you.
This is the town where the Rhyme Sayers run shit,
And kids are like, ?Do you know slug??
Yeah I know Sean kid.
It leaves them wondering, who the hell is this cat?
From east St. Paul to northside where the bricks at?
The G stands for get up, get out, and get something.
The O, you only live once, you better love it.
The L, get your licks in, move like liquid.
The D, doing big things little dip sh*#
The E, that easy. Everyone eats.
The N, not new to the game, best believe.
And if there?s nobody else that you want me to be.
I guess I?ll just be me.


Lyrics S.C. Golden
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