Story Behind The Song

Had a friend who lived in another country and we used to joke about "I'll come see you in your dreams" and it actually happened a handful of times.

Song Description

Banjo driven atmospheric song about friends/lovers visiting each other in their dreams

Song Length 4:03 Genre Electronic - Ambient, Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Peaceful, Blissful
Subject Long, 6th Sense, Intuition Language English



Go to sleep
my little frazzeled angel
dive into
the silent sea where I will-
hold you tight
under eyelid night
and I will hum some songs
till you're gone, gone, gone
and I will wave away
those who call your name
and in the morning sun
you'll find your chores are all done
Go to sleep

Stay asleep
my eyes are weary too
your bliss's enchanting me
And I'm falling fast behind you
we will meet on down
in_ sleepytown
where we'll float hand in hand
by the_ whisper band
rhythm set by the snow
resting on_ pillows
we'll go to that splended feast
dine with kids, toys & beasts

everyone will sing dumb songs
as the food is passed along
by fuzzy worms with rasta hats
and dogs next to cats
rag dolls will sit up straight
and the kids will lick their plates
milk_ shakes from a jar
fireflys will light cigars
you'll kiss_ on my face
splattered by_ carmel cake
we'll cuddle in one chair
and no one will care

and I pray one day
that we'll never wake
they'll lock sleepytown's door
and our hearts will hurt no more

Lyrics tim buchanan Music tim buchanan
Producer tim buchanan Performance Synapse Trap/ Ryan Thies (vocal)
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