Please old car

Story Behind The Song

All true stories about my 1973 Datsun

Song Description

Humorous sloppy bluegrass song about having a terrible car and hoping it can last until one can get out of debt. As heard on Car Talk, Jet Blue Airlines and SirrusXM.

Song Length 2:48 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Folk - Bluegrass
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood In High Spirits, Gracious Subject Comedy, Funny, Cars
Language English


Please old car
could hang around for one more year
So maybe, I could get ahead
please old car
could ya let me pay some people off
And I promise I'll let ya rust out among the dead

I was flyin' down
one of them Tennessee hills
went lookin' for the brake
but there weren't none to be found
I swerved through a bunch of cars
a curb threw my front end up
a wall of a mountain and slide me back down

I stopped in a parts store
to get me a little advice
the old car was fightin' me
for the gears
we opened up the hood
and a crowd they gathered around
folks sayin' "Man, we haven't seen a mess like this in years"

We were drivin' in the middle of the night
I seen sparks in the rear view mirror
a groan told us
something was draggin'
we stopped to investigate
found the talepipe had fell off
And old Larry tied it back with one of my boot strings

Lyrics Tim buchanan Music Tombstone Trailerpark
Producer Tim Buchanan

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