Best of friends

Story Behind The Song

If you watch TV, you'd think liberals and conservatives want to kill each other. But at least in my world, so many of my friends fall on both sides of the aisle and don't let it ruin their friendship.

Song Description

A cute rhodes keyboard based song about two friends, one liberal and the other conservative. Similar to Moldy Peaches. Heard on "The Dr Demento Show".

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - Lullaby, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Cheerful, Gracious Subject General, Friendship
Language English Era 2000 and later


Best of friends

Tasty food makes me suspicious
I woof down corn dogs I think they're delicious

I eat beans and I eat bacon
I sit lotus and I sit shakin'

I've got a gun and I've never shot no one
I've got a mouth that I shoot off at everyone

I pray to Jesus to help my mean thoughts
I prey on Emos their easy to piss off

I like jam bands And I like hip-hop
I can roll joints and i can beat box

I'm for the poor though I don't know any
I know plenty and they owe me money

I hate big business, they're out to screw us
I feel the same bout the clowns at the circus

I love Obama I think he's a hottie
I'd like to go ice skating with Condi

But we are the best of friends
never no compromise
no doubting intensions
never we demonize

We both want the same things
by way of different aisles
to make the world a happy place
full of frickin' smiles

See that hungry man
i'll feed him, i'll teach him

See that racist jerk
I'll scold him, I'll pray for him

See those war-torn refugees
I'll cloth them, I'll arm them

See that fascist pig
I'll punch him, I'll hug him

Lyrics tim buchanan Music tim buchanan
Producer tim buchanan Performance Synapse Trap/ Sienna Finny (vocals)

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