No New Life

Song Length 2:18 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Heartbreak
Language English Era 2000 and later


No New Life
By Stewart Warman

No white veil to cover your loving eyes
No vows exchanged to symbolize

No ring to seal your eternal ties
No chorus to sing and harmonize
No new life

Yes time will heal
But it's never going to let you forget
Unfullfiled, promises and regrets
Your no new wife

I can deal with this
I can start again
I can use the rage
I can control the pain

So don't bother me with you
sorrowful words

So don't pity me
Cause it goes unheard
It's my new life

You'll get by
Though part of you has surely died
Cause it's in you to fight
Regain all of your lost pride
It's your new life

No Mother's eyes filled with loving care
No father with a new suit to wear
No bridesmaids with flowers in their hair
No alter to kneel and swear
No new life

Lyrics Stewart Warman Music Stewart Warman
Label Stewart Warman
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