Johnny's Twenty-Ninth Birthday

Story Behind The Song

Based on a true story -(names changed to protect the innocent!)

Song Description

Though his friends have high hopes for his future, an ex-convict can't move past his failures and chooses to end his life.

Song Length 5:00 Genre Spoken Word - Experimental, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Frenetic, Disturbed Subject Existence, Failure
Similar Artists Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen Language English
Era 2000 and later



It was Johnny's twenty-ninth birthday,
They were throwin' a barbecue.
Mouse, Al and Julie planned the surprise,
The whole gang- just like old times.
Two months since parole, paid
Six years with his soul -Johnny
Killed a kid in Bud's liquor store.
A radio turns down-Johnny's seen walkin' up.
A camera aims high -hidin' low on the porch.
Johnny throws up his hands and laughs as he
Drops to the floor.
Tattooed arms embrace as Skynyrd plays.
Blue eyes set on Julie, sittin' there in the shade.
Blue skies frame the sun smilin' down over York Street
In May...

Was gonna be the perfect day

Behind a picket fence steaks roastin',
Toastin' beers to the prodigal one;
Julie's combin' slim fingers through Jon's thinnin' hair,
Whisperin' "Champagne and candles upstairs."
Takin' aim with cold eyes as a cop car rolls by, Johnny
Shoots it on down to the corner.
Al says, "Hey Johnny, How's it feel to be free?"
Johnny squeezes Julie, says, "Man, feels good to me!"
Laughter cuts through the buzz of the late afternoon
Like a saw.
Johnny raises his mug, says "To all I have missed."
Hand between Julie's thighs, Johnny dives for a kiss; turns
Says "Break out the Kodak, you know it's the last
Day like this..."

Today's the perfect day


From a second floor bedroom,
Johnny stares through the window,
Not smilin' this time.
Turns to face the young woman asleep in her bed
As dusk creeps through the Venetian blinds.
He cries "Julie, I love you,
But it ain't enough-
Let's quit pretending.
All them things we talked about baby-
They ain't gonna happen...

"Today's my twenty-ninth birthday,
Can't believe I've lived this long.
Remember me you and Al racin' 109?
Yeah, and Mouse, -those were some crazy times.
Six summers gone by -can't believe you stood by;
You never missed even one Saturday.
Jules, it almost seemed easy inside lookin' out.
I'd just get me a job make a new life down South.
Well this man standin' here ain't that kid with false dreams
No more.
You all act like I'm somethin'- I hate seein' my face,
All them things I won?t be -All them fucked up mistakes:
I?ve got one bullet waiting, just one shot to stop
The charade...

Today's the perfect day

(Sirens blend in with music, loud than fade...a female reporter says over music...)

: Ex- convict Johnny Albrecht was found dead today from an apparent suicide; Albrecht had been convicted six years ago for the shooting death of a liquor store clerk during a botched robbery. More beautiful weather up ahead, local sports when we come back?
music fade...

Lyrics Susan Witzel Music Anthony Uva
Producer Anthony Uva Publisher Positively Susan Music/Uva
Performance Anthony Uva
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