Show Down Iraq

Story Behind The Song

The American invation of Iraq

Song Description

The song talks about the invasion of Iraq, it speaks of some of the falsehoods and inconsistencies of the invasion of Iraq.

Song Length 5:18 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - West Coast
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Diplomatic Subject War, News
Similar Artists Bon Jovi, Babyface Language English
Era 2000 and later



Haks verse :Showdown Iraq so what?s the real plot they say Sadam has chemical weapons on lock he got the bomb spot he got the oil coped he built the nuclear power the super bomb spot
Showdown Iraq and the people screaming no they say Sadam is just to dangerous they say he got to go Showdown Iran when it hit the fan they tried to blow them militants just like the Taliban Shatan Hans Blix peep the news flicks they searched all Iraq and couldn?t find tricks then you got Colin Powell what he saying now his evidence could be produced by a child situation real wild they sent the troops out they can?t hold back they go to attack right now. Sadam your time is up your regime is corrupt if you and your sons don?t leave were forced to blow you up.

Chorus: This is showdown Iraq in the desert land no peace this is show down Iraq there will be no peace

Taj?s verse: We got Millions all around the world protesting in the streets they claiming that a unjust war is not the way to peace meanwhile the beast hits the east with the shock and aw releasing the weaponry that?ll make you just drop ya jaw yall the UN gets no respect from the super power stay tuned and see what happens next in the final hour I wonder where we heading looking like Armageddon get ya duck tape and plastic cause its getting drastic showdown Iraq the people screaming peace they say oh no we bout to go off to the middle east Show down UN the world is saying no and France is saying any resolution will get told
This is a message to China be where of Babylon a message to north Korea be set to get it on and all the peoples in fear they cant keep them calm cause they can see that world war three has just begun.

Hak?s: verse So did you peep the sand storm its getting hot Iraq what ya got ya hands on say what you got Sadam you say you the man huh they say you not, oh your minister in Duran huh don?t want to drop we saw you on television but here?s the trouble prerecorded videos done or body doubles see they aiming at ya mansion to bust ya bubble a bag of bones in Bagdad blown like space shuttle they got satellite guiders for these cruse missiles ak47s against pistols warships tanks and b2bombers but Sadam say?s you still wont disarm us he must got the vx or the nerve gas or the anthrax in a reserve stash they know he probably got it that?s why they have allotted chemical suites and mask only GOD can stop it

Bilals verse: You think Bin Laden forgotten he been plotting them guns clapping and popping they been rotten
Rockin they army fatigue they been trotten better keep them eyes open or they going to get gotten rolling thru the battlefield with out a shield you might get blown away like in them mind fields and if they come to recruit me you know how I feel I?ll come in limping and coughing acting like Im ill Bush coolen high up in his air force 1 the armies coming with their air force bombs by any means necessary they going yo get them don?t think the medias going to tell you about the victims you think Koreas forgotten they been watching US thinking they bossing and show stopping people sleep till the bombs at your door knocking better get a plan better than can goods in you garage n candles and campbell?s soup tell me can your family handle the troops. Solders mount up time to ride out.

Lyrics Jabari,Hakim,Tajh & Bilal Abdulsamad Music Suns Of Light
Producer Suns Of Light Publisher Jab-Boys Music
Performance Suns Of Light Label Jab-Boys Music
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