My Restless Heart (Feat. Natasha Remi)

Song Length 4:11 Genre Pop - Alternative, R & B - Funk
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Welcom to the circus, my friend
How are we to survive when we all must depend
On each other

But how do you know who's real, who's on your side
When what is false and true is blurred

Welcome to the new world, my friend
Where you can be whomever you'd like despite your sins
Toward each other

And when the day is done it just starts again
Until the scars and nightmares
Can make amends

My restless heart
How can hope still breathe into you?

Still beating, my restless heart
Still breathing, my restless heart

Welcome to the ending, my friend
It was fun while it lasted, or so we can pretend
To each other

But how do we find our path back to each other
When all you've done is keep your pockets full
And your ego fed

Lyrics Natasha Remi Music Sunday Mitsuru
Producer Sunday Mitsuru Publisher With A Smile Music/Natasha Remi Music
Performance Sunday Mitsuru & Natasha Remi
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