Fix The Place Up

Story Behind The Song

Bob Stump captures the feel, tradition and pursuit of the American dream of owning a home. With this story the house itself is the character and has been humanized. The song opens up and talks about family and history and the security of a home. It's past owner inhabitants may have experienced a different America . (post war parents of baby boomers ) but the dream remains the same. As the story unfolds it suggest a young couple that goes out on a limb to buy a fixer upper house. The chorus describes that it takes faith as well as hard work to accomplish something as "some blood sweat and tears and some help from above " is proclaimed. Even with the modern world in such unrest their dream is unwavering as one of the verses states " sometimes it seems like the world's gonna end , but I look at that old place and want to start right in ". The song is set up with traditional instruments , guitar, fiddle, banjo bass and vocal harmony. It would play well next to Old Crow Medicine Show, Del Mc Coury, Jim Lauderdale, the Steel Drivers, Chris Stapleton and others .

Song Description

a simple guitar accompaniment to tell the story of a couple working on a dream, buying a fixer upper house , the story of hope and a peaceful future

Song Length 3:12 Genre Folk - Americana, Folk - Country
Similar Artists Jason Isbell


Fix The Place Up
© Bob Stump 2021

There's a little house just outside of town
could use a little help but the bones are sound
built before the crash 1933
its walls have seen a lot of history

the Johnson's owned it since fifty one
raised two daughters and a red haired son
it's been some years since shoes scuffed the floors
or heard the children coming through the door

it don't look like much now and we don't have any money
but were gonna bring it back to it's former glory
some blood sweat and tears and some help from above
we'll fix the place up and fill it with love

sometimes it seems like the world is gonna end
but I look at that old place and wanna start right in
It's just crying out for a little TLC
waiting for somebody like you and me

I can see us down the road how it's gonna be
walking in the shade of that old chestnut tree
two kids and a cat a welcome door mat
living the American dream

Lyrics Bob Stump Music Bob Stump
Performance Bob Stump

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