There's A Peculiar Energy About You

Song Length 4:16 Genre Electronic - Industrial
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Nine Inch Nails, Beck Era 2000 and later


I'd love to peal away
All of your pain
But you won't know that's what I'm doing
I'd love to touch you
In a peculiar way
Fucking like animals is our kind of wooing

Under the stars
In the back of the truck
Outdoors in the dark
Like two bubbles we're stuck
Sharing the same
Time and space
In mercy and grace
Fucking like animals
There's a peculiar surge of energy about you
There's a peculiar surge of energy about you

When your feminine form
Shows its unparalleled vigor
Pour me my favorite
Brand of liquor
I gotta take the edge off
There's a peculiar surge of energy about you

Like 2 bubbles stuck together
Or 2 birds of a feather
Or 1 bird in my hand
Or 2 in her bush
If you know what I mean

She's standing so pretty
Gotta name for each titty
She can be a lot witty
With a little bit of snark

Got me silly like Mike Myers
Dark like Trent Reznor
Confident like Hugh Heffner
Can life get any better
She says yes
I say hell yes!

I'm not Christian Gray
Don't need a display
Let's get creative
A little bit native
There's a peculiar energy about you
There's a peculiar energy about you

The intensity is not so overwhelming that I cannot respond in equal ferocity
These feelings like magical potions of love and curiosity
Taking turns
This encounter adjourns

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