Dandelion Blue

Story Behind The Song

One of the few songs co-written by someone not in the band. It was initally written by Richey (our talented bass player) and a lad from his previous band. Stilly heard it on a tape, liked the sound of it and suggested we make it into a complete song. So D

Song Description

You know that person you keep seeing around? You like to think you sort of know them but you don't. You've got this ridiculous crush on them anyway... You don't know their name so you make one up. You do your best to attract their attention at every oppor

Song Length 4:19 Genre Pop - Classic, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood In High Spirits, Troubled Subject Falling in Love, Frustration
Language English Era 2000 and later


Dandelion Blue
Just a flash of brightness
A spark of something wonderful
That turns it on in you

Mother nature's smiling
She created something beautiful in you
And now she wants to show us all
We can turn it on too

And I can't imagine
What it's like living in your world
These bitter-sweet vibrations within without you, yeah

And I can't imagine
What it's like without you girl
These bitter-sweet sensations I'm coming on to.

Dandelion Blue
Oh, sunshine only you can bring
Is there a part of you in everything?
Can't shake these thoughts about you.

But I gotta keep trying
Girl you know you make my day
I'm so wrapped in your every way
I don't what to do.

Come on baby
Come on up dance with me baby

Don't you know I want you?
Girl you know I haunt you?
Don't you know I need you?
Don't you know I dream of you?
Don't you know I long for you?
Don't you know I'm strong for you?
Don't you I need you, need you, I need you..

Dandelion Blue, can't you see me smiling?
Dandelion Blue, you're just a flash of lightning!

I wanna tell ya that you look so good
As I see ya 'round my neighbourhood
Dandelion, Oh Dandelion Blue.

Lyrics Morey/Sperling/Jones/Stylianou Music Morey/Sperling/Jones/Stylianou
Producer Jones/Stylianou/Morey Publisher STILLYANO
Performance STILLYANO
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