Dreaming Blue Bossa

Song Length 4:53 Genre Jazz - General, Jazz - Bossa Nova
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Joyful, In High Spirits
Subject Happiness, Joy Similar Artists George Benson, Wes Montgomery
Era 2000 and later

Love the drum intro.. and then you keep listening and enjoying

I'm not a fan of Jazz but I liked your song and listened to the whole thing. Great sound and instrumentation!

Oh Very Nice! Good Mix! Cruel Git Playing! Love Ending!

there is nothing better than bossa-nova jazz. This is a well arranged piece of music and its simple enough that every instrument within the song is able to stand out. The bass wasn't overpowering, and sounded balanced against the other instruments. I look forward to hearing more of your work.

Smooth smooth jazz guitar with great tone playing next to a fun and athletic bass guitar. Piano fill works nicely in the opposite channel of the bass....Some really excellent licks later in the tune. Love the ending...

Nice track
enjoyed the guitar excursions, nice and tight
Will listen to more
Thanks for the listen

Not much to say about this composition but, WOWZA!!! This is over the moon......tight!! Along the line of "Breezin'" I believe that's the title?? I can't check the Internet for info.....I will loose this posting!! Great Recording!! Can't wait to see who recorded this gem??? This sounds like the kind of music my wife & I like to listen to in the morning with Coffee.............Double Wowza!!! Now you know how much I love this tune!!

I love the sound of the drums and the classical guitar - very good arrangement as well. Sounds a little like Miami Sound Machine, but with more of a classical edge.

Nice, feel good song, Playing is fantastic. Good recording. Even though it is a long song, it does hold listener's attention. I would definitely chill to this song on the weekend or maybe have it playing at a dinner party. Good job. Good luck.

a nice easy listening smooth instrumental jazz piece that flows a long nicely with some tasteful and tasty guitar licks and bass
ideal back ground music or chill out track. very likeable track and musically skilled.

Music Ron Balentine Producer Ron Balentine
Performance Ron Balentine / Steven Furr
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