A Long Way Down

Song Length 5:25 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing, Moving Subject Suicide, Diary
Similar Artists Dishwalla, David Gray Language English
Era 2000 and later


I heard the news today that you were thinking of going away
And I thought you might want to hear this first
It all seems so easy until you get on your way
But the hardest part is seeing your life flash by

But on the other hand it's hard to meet all life's demands
And I know it's easy to get overwhelmed
And why not just leave it all and get out while you can
Believe me I've had those same thoughts so...

Come back
Come back to my arms
Don't leave me
And understand where we are

'Cause it's a long way down
'Cause it's a long way down

But I rest my case on the fact that nothing else could beat faster than my own heart
But irregular fluttering, well it keeps my mind in check
'Cause you know I'll do what I must to carry this weight
Come to think of it, you might as well go on and end it
'Cause you don't care about anyone else
And you just don't get it, 'cause there's nothing more permanent
Then following those thoughts straight into hell

But can I just get you through another day?
Can I just get you out of the rain?
Can I just keep you from wondering?
What it would be like down there

But catch me I'm falling fast and I'm counting on you to last
Can you, catch me I'm falling fast, faster than I've known

'Cause it's a long way down
And you don't want to do it anyhow
'Cause it's a long way down

Lyrics Steve Chambers Music Steve Chambers
Producer Scott Fritz (Stranded on a Planet Productions) Publisher None
Performance Steve Chambers Label None

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