Long Way Back

Story Behind The Song

Dealing with grief and loss

Song Description

A slow sad song that laments loss and dealing with grief

Song Length 3:43 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Blues - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Depressing Subject Sadness, Numbness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Long Way Back
By Steve Burdette

There's an empty place in my heart where you lived
A piece of my soul that's gone with the wind
A part of my life that can't be replaced
The day came too soon, didn't want to face

Our time was too short, but that's just how life is
It's hard to find words but let me tell you this
Till you've come to the end of a road just like me
You can look at my pain but you can't see

It's a Long way back
To a place that I call good
A long way back
Till I feel like I should
One day at a time it's what they all say
A Long way Back...a very long way

A window to your soul, I saw through your eyes
A peace that I felt let me know it was time
I know that you found the rainbow in the sky
I see one now, I take it as a sign


Surrounded by memories, ...seems so unfair
Tripped over your things, seems they're everywhere
Deep in my heart I knew I'd be alright
But couldn't say when, in the middle of that night

It's been a few months since that sad April day
Friends have moved on, nothing left to say
Thinking of you puts a smile on my face
My memories of you, time can never erase


A Long way back
To a place I call good
A long way back
Now I feel like I should
One day at a time I believe what they say
A Long way Back...a very long way
A Long way Back...Such a very long way

A Long .......way........... Back

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Producer Steve Burdette Publisher Steve Burdette
Performance Steve Burdette
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