A Touch and a Purr

Story Behind The Song

I was singing about a girl (aw shucks), but I've since met the love of my life, so let's get that out of the way right now, shall we? I was crazy about her and was hellbent on presenting her with this song before she left on a trip with her family. Into it I threw every memory of our whirlwind romance up to that point, and then the weekend I planned on laying down the tracks I came down with a terrible cold! I remember how sore my throat was and how hoarse-- but I sang with the abandon of young love. I let her take the cassette tape with her on her cruise, and within a month I got the "We have to talk..." bombshell. As a postscript, we are actually still very close friends (she was my date to my brother's wedding many years later), and she is a damn good composer in her own right (musical theatre).

Song Description

Singer-songwriter pop ballad, begins a cappella, dramatic shift in B-section

Song Length 1:48 Genre Pop - Lullaby, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Charming, Blissful Subject Falling in Love, Kissing
Similar Artists George Gershwin, James Taylor Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


A heartbeat, a sigh, the wink of an eye
The smell of wisteria takes me away!
Bliss for an hour, with a Valentine flower
Tucked in the arms of a bearhug bouquet

Singing la-da-di-da etc.

A touch and a purr, on skin soft as fur,
The sound of a showtune brings tears to my eyes
Adrift for an hour in a steady rainshower
Safe in a harbor an arm's length away

Singing la-da-di-da etc.

Cheeks flushed the color of roses
Cheeks brushed with tender replies
Cold hands and Eskimo noses
Warmed by the love in your eyes!

La-da-d i-da etc.

A risk and a doubt, a swift turnabout,
A weekend alone makes the minutes seem long
A kiss for an hour has a lingering power
To bring back your 'pillow' or kindle my song

La-da-di-da etc.

Lyrics Stephen D. Forman Music Stephen D. Forman
Producer Stephen D. Forman Publisher Moorglade Music Publishing
Performance Stephen D. Forman Label Moorglade Music Publishing
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