Starway Avenue

Story Behind The Song

This is a class project for a Berkleemusic course in Ableton Live. The entire project was produced in Ableton Live 6.

Song Description

This is an upbeat synth-pop instrumental of a traditional verse/chorus/bridge format with a strong melodic hook. It features 2 Minimoog solos. A funky rhythm section of guitar and electric pianos plays atop a synth bass foundation. Burbling arpeggiators,

Song Length 4:33 Genre Electronic - General, Electronic - House
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Delighted Subject Stars, Planets, Space, Highway, Street, Road
Similar Artists Jeff Lorber, Jan Hammer Era 2000 and later
Music Richard Aylward Producer Richard Aylward
Performance Richard Aylward Label Spitting Lama MIDI
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