Michelle Says

Story Behind The Song

My nephew-in-law and his wife died tragically late last year and I wrote a song for each of them. This one is for Michelle and explores beauty and complexity.

Song Description

This is a progressive pop instrumental featuring guitar and synthesizer. It's starts off with a dreamy lyrical synth solo and builds by adding synth and guitar layrers. There is an obvious tempo change into an upbeat midsection. The song climaxes and fade

Song Length 7:10 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Exultant Subject Change, Evolution
Similar Artists Jan Hammer, Pink Floyd Language English
Era 1970 - 1979
Music Richard Aylward Producer Richard Aylward
Performance Richard Aylward Label 2006 Spitting Lama MIDI

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