Above and Beyond

Song Length 3:57 Genre Rap - Alternative, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Aggressive, Heated Subject Will, Power
Similar Artists Linkin Park, Jay-Z Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's the day when you pray for your soul to be strong,
It's the hour when it's sour and it's cold and it's long,
It's the minute when you in it, and you knowin' it's on,
Until the second when you wreck it, when it's over you gone...

I stay spittin' socially conscious, vocally monstrous,
They all comment, but most of it's nonsense,
Apply common sense whenever I conference,
Stomp dents, footprints all over your quadrant,
It's about training for months for one hour, one day,
Monday through Sunday, like rapid-fire gunplay,
No peace, no sleep, playin' for keeps,
You placed in your heat, but everybody came to compete,
Always been good at scriptin' a verse, gift and a curse,
Since the first, took a vow not to forget what it's worth,
I stay above dumb cops, gunshots in clubs,
Stay above layin' on cots, shot with slugs,
Stay above cuz I got hip hop in my blood,
I stay above cuz I'm doing what I do for the love...

Above and Beyond, you can't deny what I be on,
Time passes, scratches and cuts'll be gone,
I stay hoverin' above ground you strugglin' on,
Cuz if you do it for the love you above and beyond,

I construct quotes dope with immaculate brush strokes,
Touch folks with crushed hopes, over these plush notes,
Talent plus drive will put you above most,
But hope is double-edge blade that cuts close,
A pacifist until I'm passed in this and that's the catalyst,
To last in this, you have to mix your passion with your practices,
Ravenous, I walk like Lazarus through halls cavernous,
Writin' passages where yin and yang thought balances,
Spit vivid, say what I say and I live wit' it,
If you ask me, my sales would be up in six digits,
I'm Quick-witted, quick to the point that I'm sick wit' it,
Sick to the point, I'll melt solid steel to liquid,
Beyond all the renegade, ride or dying,
I'm beyond all the get-aways and high-pitched sirens,
Beyond all the smoke in the sky's horizon,
Soul's higher than a high-rise is high and risin'...

The kid from Chi-Town, one of the baddest around,
Immaculate sound, each verse is a flag in the ground,
Stake my claim, even break your brain, making it plain,
More horsepower than a freight train, and taking the reins,
So pull over, hawk eyes you'll never pull the wool over,
Full soldier, flows are bowled over with a bull dozer,
Rivals hate it, SoulStice most libel to blaze it,
Infusing tracks with my own deoxyribonucleic,
Soul's Roastin' em, no holdin' him, the flow is dope as opium,
The pandemonium 'll turn your bones into petroleum,
I've rocked it, with no hype man, and no deejay,
In spots where cats get no love and no leeway,
My rhymin' effortless even less effort than breathin',
Hypothetically speakin', I could never be beaten,
When I move you with The Melody, your head'll be blown,
Soul, Chi-Town, Molemen, let it be known

Lyrics Ashley J. Llorens Music Matthew Feher
Publisher Think Beyond Music / Unfeher Advantage Label Wandering Soul
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