Story Behind The Song

In 1996 I had a long distance relationship over the phone with a girl from Taveres. It ended badly and this was the resultant song about how I felt.

Song Description

Long distance relationship ending badly.

Song Length 5:37 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Long, Heartbreak
Language English Era 1990 - 1999



I can see the days go by
Wondering if you ever cried.
They move like the silent tears
Falling from my worried eyes
Upon which troubled thoughts unsettle
My mind...they never stop
To give me time to change
What once went wrong to right.

What makes you say you love one day
Then one night turn me away?
Words from your mind you spoke I see...but
Didn't your heart have feelings for me?
Your message came clear; the reason's weren't right
Which came from your letter, I wrote and replied
And now every night when I start to die
I just close my arms and close my eyes.

But then again how could I change
What I question now and still remains?
From the shadows of my mind
The darkest thoughts protrude
Caused by anger based in solitude.
And the fact your lips were glued
Didn't...doesn't help me any
As red pain eats at my sanity.

As far as facts go...it blows.
I don't dance but even though...
I feel a rythm in my toes,
The beat of the heart will make it grow.
Finding your face in them...I'm woed.
Trembling quakes upon my arms,
Drops of tears stream through my nose.
The light I follow should keep me warm.

I can feel the days grow long
Like lovers' quarrels they carry on.
Just wondering if you ever cared.
Were you just tired of me or were you not prepared.
Were you looking for an excuse
When you put this fight to a parting use?
If you didn't want the love that's mine
Why'd you say the thing that crossed the line?

Consciously dreaming away the days
Wishing you near and not far away
Pondering cold insensitivity
Causiously waiting for your sympathy.
If you didn't have time why'd you say you did?
Did you just want to get me over with?
Feeling so used and wondering why
I just close my arms, close my eyes, and cry.

- Words and music by John M. Suprock Copyright 1996

Lyrics John M. Suprock Music John M. Suprock
Producer John M. Suprock Performance Guitar & Vocals - John M. Suprock
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